1. 9 Fruit-Inspired Trends

    Prints are always on-trend for spring, and the freshest one for this season? Fruit! This bold print has been spotted on everything from dresses to bathing suits. While this trend has been around and is nothing new, it’s certainly updated to fit this millennium. Think bananas, cherries and lemons, oh my! Find this print at retailers such as ModCloth, Kate Spade and more!
    1. Tropical High Waist Bikini | 2. Emma Citrus D’Orsay Flat | 3. Turban Headband in Pineapple | 4. Kate Spade Large Bella Pouch | 5. Equipment Riley Printed Wash Top | 6. Plumed Gem Bib | 7. Cutest of the Fruit Dress | 8. Passion Fruit Scent Candle | 9. Citrus Fruit Salad Plate
  2. 1. Silky Feel Bomber Jacket | 2. Sidecar Biker Jacket | 3. Zara Coat With Pockets | 4. Leo Jacquard Moto Jacket | 5. Wool Varsity Jacket | 6. Sienna Tweed Faux Leather Jacket

    Is it Spring?! Could it be? Something I am known to collect are jackets. Can you ever have enough living in Minnesota? Not only can your outwear be a key piece to your outfit during this time, but it can also be a great transition piece into this new season. Floral bomber jackets are a big trend for this year, and there are a lot of options at H&M and other fashion-forward retailers. I’m also lusting over the yellow Zara coat (or anything with a non-traditional cut). Winter outwear may still be hanging in your closet right now but you’ll eventually be able to break out these lighter options. Maybe even today?

  3. I’m going to be a guest on the Chelsea Krost radio show!


    Please tune in this Wednesday, April 16 at 9pm EST as I’ll be on the Chelsea Krost radio show!

    A few things I’m excited to chat about:

    -A generation of makers

    -Social media realness 

    -The simplicity of kindness

    -How and why I created I AM MPLS!

    -Letting go of fear and expectations

    Here is a little more info about Chelsea Krost:

    “The millennial audience is often talked about, talked at, but never talked to,” says Studio City President Joe Tamanini. “The Chelsea Krost Show absolutely changes that.”

    Hosted by communications maven Chelsea Krost, 23, who has written and produced her own radio talk show since she was 16. The Chelsea Krost Show provides a platform for today’s hot topics, trends and issues that affect the Millennial Generation – those born between 1982 and 2002. The Chelsea Krost Show bridges the communication gap between children and their parents, creating a more open, honest dialogue that viewers can relate to in their own lives. The Chelsea Krost Show is the first show in which the host is definitively from the peer group of the audience.http://www.chelseakrost.com

    Krost discusses topics that bring the perspective of a younger generation and refrains from the predicable experts and statistics approach, which doesn’t work with a younger audience. Krost invites everyday Millennials, as well as celebrities, to discuss entertainment and top news stories, plus social issues from finding a job, to bullying, teen pregnancy, same sex marriage as well as fitness and fashion. There is always a professional expert discussing the topic and answering questions so Krost can evoke interesting, thoughtful and open-ended conversations among her guests and viewers.The Chelsea Krost Show is also unique, hip, and on-trend with incorporating the pulse of the people through Twitter and Instagram.

    “If I can describe my show in three words, they would be shocking, credible, and fun,” says Krost. “The show is a fresh take on talk and, finally, a show where you will hear the perspective of people living it, instead of people trying to understand it.”

    Chelsea Krost boasts more than 50,000 Twitter followers and her weekly Twitter parties grab 13 to 15 million impressions.

    According to Krost, “Millennials, everything has to be shareable so everything I do is shareable.”

  4. Is it a dress? Is it a shirt? Is it my new favorite piece for Spring? Yep!

    Found this bright H&M patterned frock online and have been so excited to wear it. Today I paired it with a pair of silk pants from Zara that have a similar color scheme but have also tried them with a cobalt blue pair of Levi’s as well as skinny black jeans. 

    Oversized clutch from B. Resale

    Photos taken by my Pixel Farm compadre Paul Clark! 

  5. I’m thrilled to announce I will be producing Emma Berg’s upcoming fashion show I am Everything.  Stay tuned for more details regarding the event and save the date for Tuesday, April 22!

     “I am Everything is Berg’s SS2014 collection, which will be presented at the Ritz Theater on Tuesday, April 22. Through ongoing meetings with the recently selected teen girls from five B&G clubs across the Twin Cities, Berg will design each girl a gown to be worn for their 2014 prom. The girls will be asked to provide input into the design process, impacting silhouette, color, and materials.  Each gown will uniquely represent the young woman who will wear it.

    I am Everything was chosen as a title for the collection to represent the future possibilities that our cities’ less financially privileged youth have when they are provided the necessary support and tools early on in their education and growth.  This type of support allows them to uncover opportunities and reach their individual potential.

     Berg began concepting the project in early 2013 as a way to bring diverse perspectives into the design process, provide immediate tangibles for deserving individuals, engage a broader audience in an often exclusive experience, find inspiration from the youth within our community, and strive to inspire the girls involved.”


  6. Since we decided to get married at I AM MPLS! in front of 800+ people, we didn’t have a lot of time to spend with close friends and family.

    We decided to rent out The New Victorian Mansion Bed & Breakfast in St. Paul the following night. 

    We invited 50 of our closest friends and family for a night of good food and conversation. Instead of trying to figure out a big sit-down meal we worked with the The New Victorian’s head chef to create a 5-course tasting menu that was paired with wine. 

    The food was incredible as was the space and company. 

    So thankful to my good friends Michael Dodes, Davee Ek, Melinda Guajardo, and Shawn Keohen for styling the entire venue and creating such a beautiful atmosphere. 

    Photography by Brandon Werth

  7. Since we basically planned our secret wedding in a few short months I didn’t get the chance to do a lot of the traditional things such as a bachelorette party, bridal shower, etc.

    The one thing I knew I wouldn’t budge on is having the photographer of my dreams. Mr. Brandon Werth. It’s funny because Brandon and I (and his lovely wife Chelsey) all went to college together at AI. I remember thinking, “this dude is going places”. 

    Brandon was amazing to work with and turns out Jared DOES in fact like having his photo taken.  

    Also, huge shout out to Michael Dodes for reminding me I needed a bouquet and figuring it all out. 

    Michael, “Sarah, where are you getting your flowers from?”

    Me, “What flowers?”

    Michael, “The flowers for your wedding…”

    Me, “Shit.”

    Michael, “I got it.”

    Flowers from Spruce Flowers and Home. 

  8. [Wedding Album #1]

    As most of you know, I crashed my own fashion show this year and decided to throw a surprise wedding in the middle of the chaos. 

    Go back just a few months before Jared and I decided to make this crazy decision and this was the dialogue.

    August 17, 2013

    Me to Jared, “When are we going to get married? Seriously though. I just don’t think I have the bride gene and the thought of trying to plan a wedding on top of I AM MPLS! makes me want to cry.”

    Jared, “Yeah, we don’t have a lot of spare time.” (Jared had started two different companies last year and was hustlin’ like I couldn’t believe.)

    Me, “Maybe we just wait another year or so. Or go to the courthouse. Or maybe we just go to a beach and invite friends.”

    Jared, “Those are good options, babe. I want you to have the wedding you want.”

    Me, “I just don’t know how I can plan anything right now. I don’t have the capacity. And planning I AM MPLS! is pretty much like planning a wedding…wait a second…(lightbulb moment). All of our friends are usually there, we can make sure our families are there, there is a band, a venue, and it’s a passion/love project and this way we can avoid the painfully long ceremony…can we get married at I AM MPLS!?”

    Jared, “Well that’s definitely an idea. Do you think you can handle all the extra stress?”

    Me, “Well it won’t be that bad, right? I mean I’ll just wear a dress and get someone to marry us…right?”

    Wrong. Holy crap it was a lot of planning and work but I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I got to collaborate with some of the most talented artists I know and celebrate the city that inspires me, the people that make it so special and the love of my life.

    The only really exhausting part was not getting to tell anyone I was getting married. By keeping it a secret I could never play the “bride card” that trumps everything going on around you. Instead I had to remember I was the Event Producer and make sure the show went on.

    Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate and helped make this event happen. It was a really special night. 

    Now the question I keep getting asked is how I will top the event in 2014. No, I will not be having a baby on stage. That’s just…no. 

    Dress by Emma Berg

    Moschino belt from June

    Jewelry by Stephanie Lake

    Photography by Brandon Werth




    I haven’t shopped at the Galleria since my past life as a nanny (yes, you did in fact read that word correctly). But a couple weeks ago, I revisited the upscale mall for a lunch with my crew.

    While waiting for our table, I strolled by the various storefronts and discovered Arafina. I was immediately drawn in to the boutique by the bright pattern on pattern Clover Canyon line. Turns out that they also happen to carry some of my favorite lines such as Helmut Lang, Robert Rodriguez and Nanette Lepore. I honestly had no idea a store like this existed in the Twin Cities. (Probably a good thing for my wallet)

    My first thought? “I have to introduce my friends to this shop!” So Davee, Sam and my little sister Lisa came to check it out — just in time to pull some statement looks for the U of M Senior Fashion Show. And regardless of the fact that we all have distinctly different styles, Arafina had something for each of us. 


    We were all going to attend the U of M Senior Fashion show so decided to hit up Arafina for our looks.

    Before the show, we (Our bestie Mr. Dodes joined) stopped at Ginger Hop — one of my favorite spots for Pad Thai. I also recommend their fresh spring rolls or cream cheese wontons. I didn’t get any that night because Davee ended up eating them all…typical .

    My sister Lisa is quite the beer snob. She was super pumped to see they had Bell’s Two Hearted and Laguinitas IPA on tap. And for me? Well, I go back and forth between wine and cocktails (hopefully not in the same night), but ended up sipping on Ginger Hop’s signature White Cosmo, a mix of Absolut Citron, St. Germain Elderflower, a little lime and white cranberry juice. All in all, we ended up sharing a ton of food and drinks, and left with full bellies.


    After dinner, we went to the show. I was eager to see the 2014 designs, last years class left me super surprised by the level of their talent. And to say the least, this year didn’t disappoint. My favorites included Laura Schaefer and her hand-dyed silk ombre collection and Jessa Manthe’s textured, futuristic line. And if I lived in an alternate reality in which I didn’t need my arms for anything, I would love to sport some of Crystal Compton’s wearable art pieces.

    The best part of fashion shows though? Getting dressed up and taking photos.

    And so we did.






    Photography by Melinda Guajardo! 

  10. After attending the UMN Fashion show last year with my favorite gals (Davee & Dodes), I was pretty overwhelmed by the level of talent. To be honest, my expectations for student fashion design are usually low. While there were a couple that missed the mark, most of the work was inspired and well executed.

    I was perusing the site and getting excited for the show and was immediately drawn to Jessa Manthe’s work. I have a specific weakness for textured, three-quarter length sleeve, structured jackets

    After learning she interned with Rodarte, I was even more intrigued!

    Here is a little Q&A with the young designer that cites Martin Margiela and Lee Alexander McQueen as inspirations.

    Tell me a little bit about your background. When did you realize you wanted to be a designer.
    JM: Well, I grew up in a relatively artistically inclined family so art and design were always part of the equation.  I think it was around the first grade when clothing design specifically started to interested me. Hilariously enough, I remember first being inspired by Destiny’s Child’s costumes and finding out that Beyonce’s mom made them.  I guess I had never really considered the idea of someone actually designing clothing before? At that point I started to sketch a lot of costumes and clothing eventually developing a more fashion forward aesthetic.

    Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?
    JM: Now that I have moved on from the sartorial stylings of Tina Knowles, I find the relationship between people, nature, and time really interesting which is why I often seem to come up with stories that take place in the future. I have a really cinematic/theatrical sense of design where I first come up with a world or story that the garments exist in and design from there. For example, my senior thesis started as a study of insects, which inspired an idea of a future bug apocalypse, which brought me back to the weirdness of the psychedelic drug culture of the 60s and the Twilight Zone. 

    Who are some of your favorite designers?
    JM: I tend to be really drawn to the eccentrics like John Galliano (pre scandal) and Lee Alexander McQueen. The Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte are kind of the new eccentrics and I guess I would count Christopher Kane in there too.  I really have so many favorites though Rei Kawakubo, Martin Margiela, Phoebe Philo, and Raf Simons would be a handful of them. 

    What is your favorite part of the design process?
    JM: I get the most excited in the beginning stages when I am first piecing together all my bits of inspiration to create a well-rounded story. Similarly, finishing everything and seeing it completed is a pretty good feeling. 

    Do you create custom work for clients?
    JM: I haven’t really taken on clients before but I would be open to the idea.

    What can people expect to see at your show?
    JM: Fun pieces with lots of texture and hopefully people will get a sense of narrative to go along with the clothing

    Any other things you are excited about coming up?
    JM: After the show I will be finishing out my last year of undergraduate education.  My post graduation plans are still up in the air but my hope is that I will be able to find work designing and travel the world!